Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Once a year, my school held a cultural festival. Before I move to SMAN 3 Bandung. For this year my school held cultural festival named Gamarvani. Gamarvani took from sakrit word ’GAMA’ which mean journey, and ‘PAVANI’ which mean to the moon. The theme for Gamarvani was took from legend tail “Nyi Anteh The Guardian Of The moon”.

As the committee from 10th grade, I had to prepare a month before to make sure that the show run successfully. First we divided to a several searching group to find a company that agree to fill the food stand in this event. After searching and searching finally we found Bite Box. They agree to fill the food stand in gamarvani. We are so happy about it J.

After that we divided again into 19 “Door to Door” groups. Our task was to find a donors from alumnus. We didn’t get anything from alumnus. Because of that we got a new task  to find donors from 18’ generation. Finally we get Rp 1.000.000 but that’s to small from our target was Rp 3.000.000. but it’s okay we still happy about it :’).  

After all groups accomplished their task. We divided into our division. i’m different than others because I have two divisions, Decoration and Traditional games division.
At Tradisional games I’m  the person that in charge at Egrang. But the problem was  .....       I couldn’t ride egrang …… I tried it for about 4 hours but still I couldn’t ride it only 3 steps :’(. But when the games begins it’s running smoothly and successfully although I can’t demonstrate it to the participant how to ride it.

After all task are completed. Finally I could enjoy the show and wait for Adera and Hivi to show.

Then Adera showed up. I don’t really like Adera because he’s too much talking and it makes me bored and my legs hurt because fell from Egrang when I tried to ride it for the first time. Then I go back to the basecamp to get a rest and wating for Hivi to show up.

Finally Hivi showed up the show that I’ve been waiting for. They’re so cool and more better then Adera performance in my opinion. Me and all crowd are so happy and screaming until the end of the show.

At the end of the show I was so sad. Because after all crowd left the stage so many trash on the ground. The I take few the throw it the the trash can but I couldn’t take all the trash because it’s too many to take.

But overall the event was so fantastic and successful I love it so much. I hope next year will be more spectacular.