Sunday, 25 October 2015

My "Ex"School

Hello again everybody :). finally me and my classmates got a new task from our teacher to describe a place that you have been visited in Indonesia. So now i'm going to introduce to you my "Ex".

I know what you think " WHAT MELVIN HAS AN EX!!??". Nooo.... not that EX but i'm going to introduce to you my old school Al-Azhar BSD. Are you interested ? Good! let's check it out!

But first do you know where it is ? it is located in Puspita Loka Street, Sector 3,1,Bumi Serpong Damai, South Tanggerang, Banten. it's so far away from bandung about 150 Km away.

In Al-Azhar we have 4 main buildings :


This is my "Ex"Kindergarden. it was built in 1992 and it has 6 class i think...i forgot it's been a long time and i can't go in the school because the kids still study when i took this picture :(

2.Elementary School

This is my "Ex"Elementary School. it was built in 1994. It has 30 classes so 5 classes for each grade.

3.Senior High School

This is my "Ex" Senior High School. It was built around 1994/1995 i think and it has 18 classes so 6 classes for each grade.

4.High School

The high school i don't know how many classes they have but i think it's the same as the senior high school because my friend told me that they have 3 science classes and 3 social classes which mean 6 classes for each grade but i don't know for sure.

In Al-Azhar we have 2 canteens we called it Canteen 1 and Food court (it's actually called canteen 2 but they change it because this canteen look like a food court rather than a canteen).

                 Canteen 1                                                                                                Food Court

Al-Azhar also has the Center field. It is the biggest field in Al-Azhar complex. This field is often used for sport activity, flag ceremony, cultural festival,and many more.

The library in Al-Azhar has a lot of book than in SMAN 3. But i don't like the library because we have to get the permission for the teacher to go into the library not like in SMAN 3 we could enter the library anytime we want.

Because Al-Azhar is an Islamic School surely we have a mosque. the mosque has 2 floors. the first floor is for students from elementary and senior high school to pray and the second floor is for the high school students to pray.

That's all i can describe from my "Ex"school. Actually there's still a lot of places that i didn't mention because i don't have the picture :(. 

So see you again next time guys bye...