Saturday, 29 August 2015

Complementing Dialogue

Varyl                :Hi Melvin!
Melvin              : Hi Varyl!, how's your day ?
Varyl                :Good!, and you ?
Melvin             :Fabulous!
Varyl                :Glad to hear that!, and i heard that you bought a new phone, can you show it to me ?
Melvin              : Oh yea, i just bought it yesterday, here let me show it to you
Varyl                : Wow is that the new Iphone ?
Melvin              : Yes it is.
Varyl                :I love the style and the color of your phone it's so beautiful!.
Melvin              : Thank you!, oh yea have you finished your drawing ?
Varyl                 : Yes, do you wanna see it ?
Melvin               : Of course!
Varyl                 : Ok wait let me show it to you.
Melvin               : This is a really wonderful picture you're so talented i love it!
Varyl                 : Thank you for you complement!
Melvin              : You're welcome!, by the way i have to go back to my class, hope we meet again soon.
Vary                  : Ok Good bye, see you again!
Melvin               : Bye!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

My New Friend

Hello again everyone, this time i'm gonna introduce my new friend in SMAN 3 bandung! 

His name is Stephan Ryoki Petrahansel Bangun. he was born at 4th September 2000 in Batukarang. he's now lives at Gambir Saketi st. number 4.

His favorite color is blue( don't ask me why). he really loves fruits and vegetables that gets juice is his favorite drink.

His father is a goverment employees. He took his family to move to bandung. His mother is a house wife. He so admire his mother he also said that "She is the one that change my perspective of life" because of her he able to be a student in SMAN 3 Bandung. 

He has two brothers. one of them is older than him. the older one is a student in Telkom University he took graphic design. His little brother was born at 4th july the same day with the U.S independence day.

I think he is a nice person but sometime he could be so annoying ( i don't know why) he's so smart and good at sport ( not like me )

This is photo of us with our other friends ( he's in the top right corner )

You can check his blog at : Stephan Ryoki

Monday, 3 August 2015

It's Me

             Hello!, my name is Melvin Vidersha Gunawan. I live at Batu Indah Raya street number 10. I was born in Bandung, 4th August 2000 which mean tomorrow i will be 15 years old. I studied at AL-AZHAR BSD since playgroup until middle school. And now i study at SMAN 3 Bandung. 

       My hobby is watching film that's why I have ambitions to be a Film producer and director. It was my ambition since middle school. I also want to get scholarship to study aboard at NYFA (New York Film Academy) to reach my ambition.

           My favorite film genre is Sci-fi because it's so cool to see something that science never discover yet. Red is my favorite color. And my favorite food is cheese.I'm still learning to speak sundanese properly because right know i only know a few words :( .
      And that's all about me hope you like it :)