Sunday, 17 January 2016

My Holiday Experience at Rancaupas Camping Site

Hello again everyone!!! by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!! i hope this year will make us to become a better person than before :). This is my first post in 2016 and i will talk about my holiday experience at Rancaupas camping site. i hope you guys like it :)

But first i want to ask you about your holiday. Did you enjoy your holiday ? :). Actually this holiday i mostly resting at home but my Angklung team want to held a camping event to rest our mind after training all day. But the camping event it's not as i expected. Are you curious ? :) let's check it out.

I went to Rancaupas Ciwidey for 1 day from 9 until 10 January 2016. We met at Music Park at 6 AM. Not everyone arrive there yet, we still have to wait for our friends until the truck came at 7 am. On the trip we talked about so many thing  so we don't get bored but some of them were slept during the trip. The trip was about 3 hours because of the traffic. Finally we arrived at Rancaupas at 10 AM so the trip was approximately 3 hours.

Once we got there we all happy about it because of the view and not a lot of people there so it's a good place for refreshing. But our happiness suddenly fade  because once we thought that this is going to be a happy camping but it isn't. Actually the camping was meant to be our training for us to be more prepare to survive in Europe for 1 month.

First we have to give our cellphone to our supervisor so that we unable to use our cellphone during the camping. A lot of rules that we have to do and make us tired but it's for our interest if we want to survive in Europe.

The third main rules we got in there is we are unable to speak to each other unless we got permission to speak, we are unable to throw away trash at random place, and the last is we have to be on time on any situation without our clock. A lot of rules we broke on the first day but we could handle it just well.

In the night time we need to make fireplace before 7 pm but we fail because of that we get punished. On the sharing section we share our thought s a lot of my friends were cried and finally on the last day we sang Indonesia raya song together and i almost cried.

that was the most memorable night i ever experience. And i cant forget about it

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