Saturday, 29 August 2015

Complementing Dialogue

Varyl                :Hi Melvin!
Melvin              : Hi Varyl!, how's your day ?
Varyl                :Good!, and you ?
Melvin             :Fabulous!
Varyl                :Glad to hear that!, and i heard that you bought a new phone, can you show it to me ?
Melvin              : Oh yea, i just bought it yesterday, here let me show it to you
Varyl                : Wow is that the new Iphone ?
Melvin              : Yes it is.
Varyl                :I love the style and the color of your phone it's so beautiful!.
Melvin              : Thank you!, oh yea have you finished your drawing ?
Varyl                 : Yes, do you wanna see it ?
Melvin               : Of course!
Varyl                 : Ok wait let me show it to you.
Melvin               : This is a really wonderful picture you're so talented i love it!
Varyl                 : Thank you for you complement!
Melvin              : You're welcome!, by the way i have to go back to my class, hope we meet again soon.
Vary                  : Ok Good bye, see you again!
Melvin               : Bye!

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